Zerothreetwo Apparel

2017 April Collection

Photographer: Scott Pacaldo

Featuring: Bree Ulrich

Mechalie Barpat

Kymberly Maitland-Smith

Designer: Jake Maningo

For 's April 2017 Collection in collaboration with SOLTI Activewear.

Time is undefeated.

But that doesn’t mean we should stop striving to be remembered.

Timelessness is a worthy goal.

Wouldn’t you want to be remembered? Despite the barrage of uncertainty in everyday life, wouldn’t you want to exist long after we all pass, to have striven forward doing something you love, to have continued on because not to do so would be unbearable, and to have carved out a place for yourself in the world?

That’s something worth striving for.

A circle can mean many things; the cycle of life and death, a symbol for totality and wholeness, perfection, an inclusive group of people.

For Zerothreetwo, The Circle represents timelessness.

— Zerothreetwo

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